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We will work in with the other trades to make your project happen as smoothly as possible.

From rural West Auckland, Electric Exploits offers an electrical contracting service primarily to Builders, Plumbers, Commercial entities, and others with projects to complete.

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Des and his crew will not leave you powerless!

Welcome To Electric Exploits

As electrical tradies we will listen to your request and try to do it your way. Our expertise includes all domestic and commercial cabling including data (Wi-Fi) and television.

Working with lines companies can be daunting and onerous. What seems like continuous changes to company structures, personnel, systems, phone numbers etc can make getting power to your site quite a stressful experience. It can also be very expensive. Unless you are a developer working with them continuously it is worthwhile to run your supply demands past the electrician first. Des will help you initiate contact with the right people, ask for the right things, and make sure they don’t baffle you with tech-talk!

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Our Services

We work with architects, owners, builders & other trades to produce an electrical installation in new homes

In many installs the IT cabling has become the domain of the Electrician. We can sort your Data, Wi-Fi, Cameras, Phones and TV.

We would like to price your new or re-worked commercial premise. Call us today to discuss your requirements

Electric Exploits can do your underground supply and phone cabling. Let us offer a price for this work.

Lighting has been radically transformed by the rapid introduction of LED luminaries. We specialise in their installation.

Need help to decide what equipment to buy, or what will work with your installation. Call Des today to discuss.

About Us

Owner Des has lived in rural West Auckland all his life and has a reputation to maintain. Con, energetic and experienced has a reputation to build.

As we make electric support for projects a priority, we will not accept breakdown calls that will cause us to leave the job we are on. If your situation needs 24/7 immediate response please use those who are prepared to supply that service.

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