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Electric Exploits will work with architects, owners, builders & other trades

From rural West Auckland, Electric Exploits offers an electrical contracting service primarily to Builders, Plumbers, Commercial entities, and others with projects to complete. We will work in with the other trades to make your project happen as smoothly as possible.

LED Lighting

​Lighting has been radically transformed by the rapid introduction of LED luminaries. Using only a fraction of the energy and producing no dangerous and wasteful heat emissions, they have to be the light source of primary choice.

electrical services

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Emergency/Backup Power Supplies

​For those who find that the grid supply is not sufficiently reliable, we can do the installation of your standby genset. We recommend diesel over petrol for reliability, and can suggest a number of scenarios as to how to affect this install so that it will actually work when you need it to. At this stage we have left solar installs to others, primarily because of the issues involved with fitting equipment to a buildings’ roof.

Electric Power Generator
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Confused by Watts, Amps, Volts, Frequency, KwHr, Phases, Power factors, Current, Impedance, Resistance, Voltdrop. Need help to decide what equipment to buy, or what will work with your installation. Call Des.

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