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Electric Exploits will work with architects, owners, builders & other trades

From rural West Auckland, Electric Exploits offers an electrical contracting service primarily to Builders, Plumbers, Commercial entities, and others with projects to complete. We will work in with the other trades to make your project happen as smoothly as possible.

We can sort your Data, Wi-Fi, Cameras, Phones and TV.

In many installs the IT cabling has become the domain of the Electrician. Electric Exploits has staff with expertise in different areas and can confidently install these systems. Larger homes with multiple TV’s, phone systems and internet / data require some thought as to the best way to cable so that the systems will work well both immediately and into the future. Commercial sites have other challenges with IT systems.

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A lot of consumer grade products have limited lifespans and work badly. We use enterprise grade gear. Point to point wireless data links where copper lines are not an option are a specialty.

In older areas Chorus has allowed copper lines to degrade so that the old landline is becoming problematic. We can help with a change to VOIP (internet connected) phones.


Confused by Watts, Amps, Volts, Frequency, KwHr, Phases, Power factors, Current, Impedance, Resistance, Voltdrop. Need help to decide what equipment to buy, or what will work with your installation. Call Des.

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